Ribault High School Mock Trial Competition a Success

Today was the Ribault High School Mock Trial competition that was put on through the Jacksonville Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section Ribault High School Future Lawyers Program. The mock trial was held at the Federal Courthouse in the courtroom of the Honorable Brian J. Davis, who so graciously donated his time and courtroom for the event.

The mock trial was a criminal trial to which the “Defendant” had been charged with with 3 counts, all of which stemmed from a falling out with his best friend. The students did opening statements, direct examinations and cross examinations of witnesses as well as closing statements. There were several attorneys on each side and many of the students played the role of witnesses.

The students on both sides did an amazing job. They were able to put aside their nerves and really put on a fantastic performance. Although the Defense team was able to secure a slim victory, everyone who participated was truly a winner. There were also awards given out for Best Advocate and Best Witness respectively. As one of the people lucky enough to coach the defense team, I can say that it was a privilege to work with such an amazing group of young people.

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