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Proposed Legislation To Monitor DUI Offenders – Marion County Criminal Lawyer Hernando

Representative Cord Byrd has introduced legislation that would require all first time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle.

You may be asking yourself, what is an ignition interlock device? An ignition interlock device will not allow someone who has been drinking to start their vehicle. The device is hooked up to the ignition of a vehicle and works like a breathalyzer. Prior to starting the vehicle the driver must breath into the device and if the device registers alcohol on the breath, it temporarily locks the ignition and does not allow the car to start. Additionally, the device can sometimes initiate a retest, forcing the driver to pull over and breathe into the device again, in order to keep the vehicle running.

Ignition interlock devices are currently required for those who have been convicted of a second DUI and it is typically mandated for six months of use, and can cost as high as $100 a month.

Some groups are in favor, stating that it may keep drunk drivers off of the road. Other’s oppose it saying that even if someone has one on their vehicle, if determined can still find a way around it.

Additionally, many argue that first time DUI penalties are stiff enough and costly enough without having the extra expense of the ignition interlock device.

Whether this bill passes or not, the penalties for a DUI can be serious. If you are looking for an experienced DUI attorney, call Cagan & Cagan today for a free consultation at (352) 683-9100.

Read the Full Story Here – WUFT News

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