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Officers Not Properly Trained To Administer Field Drug Tests – Hernando County Criminal Lawyer Ocala Criminal Lawyer Marion County Criminal Lawyer Tampa


False positives, triggered by poorly administered field drug tests have become much too commonplace, and it appears that many officers are receiving little to no training on how to administer these tests and properly read the results. This is particularly troubling when you realize that over 100,000 drug convictions last year were completed without ever sending the material to a certified lab, and solely resting on the findings of the field drug tests to garner a guilty plea.

It’s insane to think that officers are using these field tests to arrest people and deprive them of their civil liberties, when they have had little to no training on how to even use a field drug test, and are simply left to figure it out on their own, like some sort of mad scientist. There is plenty of data to suggest that even officers who have been trained to use these kits can make mistakes, let alone someone who has had no instruction on how to proceed.

These kits have become more and more popular over the past few decades as a way to determine whether or not a substance found in the field contains an illegal substance, because of how relatively inexpensive they are and how quickly the process can be completed, and although I may argue that these kits shouldn’t be used at all, at the very least, if they are going to be used, is it too much to ask that the officer at least gets properly trained? I think not.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime related to drugs, give us a call today for a FREE CONSULTATION at (352) 683-9100, and let us fight to protect your constitutional rights.

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