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Law Enforcement Agencies Collect Unused Pills – Hernando County Criminal Lawyer Ocala

This past weekend several local law enforcement agencies participated in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Prescription Drug Take Back Initiative. Local law enforcement agencies set up drop off points where citizens could drop off unused prescription medications in order to keep them from being used by those who they were not prescribed for.

This program targets unused opioids and narcotics which have become severely abused in our country and gives citizens a safe way to dispose of these drugs. Unfortunately, as criminal defense lawyers we come in contact with many individuals who have run into legal troubles because of their addiction to prescription drugs.

Aside from charges of illegally possessing these drugs, the addiction is often so strong that it leads to a life where the addict first steals unused pills from friends and family members homes, and then often times can lead to a life of theft and deception as people are in search of finding money to get that high. If you have unused narcotics or opioids that have been prescribed to you, and you would like to dispose of them safely,  local law enforcement can be a great source of help year round.

And finally, if you or a loved one if facing criminal charges because of actions taken due to a prescription drug addiction, call Cagan & Cagan today for a free consultation so we can fight on your behalf to not only protect your constitutional rights, but also try to help you or a loved one get the help that they need.


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