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7 Arrested While Feeding Homeless In Tampa – Hernando County Criminal Lawyer Marion County Criminal Lawyer

Seven people were arrested for feeding the homeless at Gaslight Park in downtown Tampa. According to the police there were originally somewhere between thirty to forty people gathered to feed the homeless.

The officers stated that they told the group that they were violating a city ordinance and would be arrested if they refused to stop. Apparently seven individuals continued to set up tables and distribute food. The seven individuals were then arrested on misdemeanor charges and given a notice to appear in court.

The rule of law is the cornerstone of a civilized society, but something just seems terribly wrong that the government can arrest someone on criminal charges for feeding another man who is hungry.

Tampa isn’t the only city to make this move, as many cities try to keep the homeless out of their cities and off of their streets. The first time I ever heard of one of these ordinances, was when some friends were feeding the homeless in Gainesville, and were told they were violating a similar ordinance.

It didn’t sit well with me then and it doesn’t sit well with me now. There has to be a better way. If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with a crime, call Cagan & Cagan today for a free consultation.


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